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Change to the Arms Act 1983

September 9, 2021

The Government updated the Arms Act in 2020 and this came into effect on 24 December 2020, introducing new requirements and obligations for health practitioners.

In summary the changes require:

  • Firearms licence applicants to provide details of their health practitioner to Police,
  • Police to notify the health practitioner when a licence has been issued, and
  • Health practitioners to consider notifying Police if they have reason to believe their patient is a firearms licence holder and their health condition will impact on the safety of the patient or the public, if they have access to, or use of, firearms (s92).

For further information about the new obligations for health practitioners please review the information sheet for Health Practitioners.

How to notify Police

You can notify the police of your concerns (outlined in the Information Sheet):

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Naming Policy

June 8, 2021

The Board’s Naming Policy has now been finalised, and the Board wishes to thank all who made submissions.  The final Naming Policy is here, and an update from the Board Chair on the changes made to the policy as a result of submissions is here

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Fitness to Practise Policy

The Board has now finalised its Policy on Fitness to Practise, and would like to thank all stakeholders for their submissions. A letter from the Chair with further information can be found here.

The finalised policy can be found here.

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