Collaborative Reference Group (CRG) Members

Collaborative Reference Group (CRG) Members

Angela Arnold-Saritepe

General Scope – University of Auckland

Alana Stone

General Scope – New Zealand Defence Force

Andrea Gardner

General Scope (IO) – Private Practice

Angus Maxwell

Clinical Scope – New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists

Anna Priestly

Educational Scope – Ministry of Education

Annmaree Kingi

Clinical Scope – APEX, Forensics

Carolin Ritter

Clinical Scope – University of Canterbury

Crispin Garden-Webster

General Scope – Private Practice

Jennifer Hauraki

Clinical Scope – Te Whatu Ora

Katharine Treves

Clinical Scope – Te Whatu Ora

Lisa Parker

General Scope – Ministry of Education

Martin Chadwick

Ministry of Health

Matthew Manderson

Neuropsychological and Clinical Scope – Private Practice

Megan Fitzpatrick

Educational Scope – Ministry of Education, New Zealand Psychological Society

Nicola Ward

Neuropsychological and Clinical Scope – Charitable Trust

Rebecca Wirihana

Clinical Scope

Ronald Chambers

Clinical Scope – Te Whatu Ora

Roslyn Pullen

Educational Scope – Massey University, Institute of Educational and Developmental Psychology

Tricia Stuart

Clinical Scope – Private Practice

Victoria Burney

General Scope – Private Practice