Artificial Intelligence Guidelines Consultation

24 May 2024

Artificial Intelligence Guidelines Consultation


This consultation is regarding the newly developed draft Guidelines for the profession on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Psychology. AI is a rapidly developing function for society, including for health professionals. AI introduces a range of potential opportunities and risks for psychologists and is already presenting unique ethical and professional considerations. As you will have likely noticed, there have been a range of domestic and international organisations that have, or are about to, publish guidance on the use of AI.

The central purpose of the Guidelines for the use of AI in Psychology in Aotearoa New Zealand is to promote practice consistent with ethical principles.  Every AI scenario must be taken on its own merits by the psychologist, with critical thought and judgement applied to each individual circumstance.  It is not possible for the guidelines to provide an exact answer of what to do in the infinite number of possible scenarios and contingencies that might exist regarding AI.  However, it is intended that the guidelines will assist psychologists in their critical thought and judgement that they will apply to AI scenarios which may arise in their practice, research, teaching, or supervision.

As these guidelines are newly developed, we would value your feedback prior to their final review and publication.  Please click here to view the full consultation document, including the two questions being asked, and click here for the full draft AI Guidelines. Please consider the consultation questions when reviewing the guidelines and do let us know of any thoughts, suggestions, or comments you might have by completing a brief SurveyMonkey. This feedback will be passed on to the AI Guidelines group who will consider and incorporate this into a final draft that will be reviewed by the Board (likely in the August 2024 meeting) before publication on the Board’s website.

Submissions close 14th of June 2024 at 5.00pm

This Consultation is now closed.