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Interested in Psychology as a Career?

Careers in Psychology

Information about several different types of psychologist can be viewed on the New Zealand Psychological Society’s website. The Society’s website also includes a list of other useful ‘Psychology Career’ links.

The Psychology Workforce

For the past few years the Board has identified workforce issues as strategic priorities. We continue to work closely with Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ), to the benefit of both organisations. At HWNZ’s request we have consulted with other key psychology organisations and it has been agreed that the Board will serve as the profession’s main conduit to Health Workforce New Zealand.

Our current priorities include sorting out the long-standing inconsistencies and unpredictability of Internship placements around the country and advising Health Workforce New Zealand on the roles psychologists could and should play in the workforce of the future. The Board also continues to emphasise the high quality and utility of the existing psychologist workforce.