Workforce Survey Data News

27 February 2024

Worforce Survey Data News

Improving our Registration and Workforce Data

The information that the NZPB collects when psychologists register and renew their Practising Certificate (PC) is one of the biggest sources of information about the psychology profession. It helps everyone understand the makeup of the psychology workforce, where in the country psychologists are practising, and how many psychologists work in particular geographical areas and employment settings. It’s used to help with workforce planning, research, and more.

In 2019 our governing legislation – the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 – was amended to make this a formal requirement. We’ve also made reviewing our data collection part of our 2024 Work Plan.

Over this year, we are going to be looking at the types of data we hold and how we can communicate it more effectively. This will involve a review of the questions we ask in our workforce survey. But we’re also making some earlier changes to better reflect the contemporary psychology environment.

Gender and Ethnicity Data

We require you to give an answer for the ethnicity and gender fields when you register and when you renew your PC. If you have not already recorded these details, we strongly encourage you to update this information now by emailing ().

We recognise that not everyone feels comfortable providing gender and ethnicity information, and so you can state that you would prefer not to answer each of these questions. However, we want to make sure that not answering is a conscious decision.

Workplace Location

In the workforce questions we ask you to complete when you renew your PC, we ask about the location in which you work and method of delivery.

We’ve made updates to some of the possible answers. These are:

  • An additional option to enter your place of work/location with free text
  • A new option to advise method of service delivery Telehealth, Face to Face or Both