7 March 2024

CCP Update

The CCP process is now embedded in the profession’s annual cycle of continuing competency and re-certification.  The Board is committed to regular reviews of the process to ensure it is fit for purpose, helpful for the profession and does not place too onorous a demand on practitioners.

To enhance clarity for the profession, the CCP guidance booklet and the instructions for the logbook requirements have been revised.  This has included the removal of multiple recommended templates.  Instead, we have provided one recommended template for practitioners to record their CCP on.  It is not a mandatory template.  However, if you do choose to use your own template, please ensure that it includes the information that the recommended template asks for.

You are not required to go back and re-do past CCP documentation, audits submitted for this year will be following the guidance that was on the website at this time last year. If you are being audited this year we would advise you to check that your documentation does show all that we need to see. If you submit audit material that doesn’t have sufficient information for us to be confident that you have followed the CCP process as required (particularly evidence of your use of the Core Competences as the foundation for your self-reflective review) you will receive feedback about this.

In addition, there is added communication on the website and in the CCP guidance booklet about the requirement for a summary of the start of year self reflective review and a summary of the end of year self reflective review to be included in the logbook.  The new recommended template also prompts you to include this.  We hope these revisions clarify the expectations of the documentation required each year.

We have increased Secretariat resources to assist with CCP audits this year, so you should notice a shorter timeframe for completion.

Please note – your practising certificate remains valid throughout the CCP audit process and will be issued when you submit your material for audit. Not passing an audit does not mean de-registration. Should this occur, our aim is to work with you to assist in finding the most appropriate form of support you need to comply with the programme.

We are also looking into the future, and investigating possibilities for the CCP process to go online.  We will keep you updated of any progress in this area.

Please take some time, at this time of the CCP year, to review the updated CPP booklet and updated optional template which are also available on the Board’s website.

We wish you all the best with your upcoming CCP.