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Forms & Publications

The following is a categorised list of forms, guidelines, brochures, information sheets, and other Board resources. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please contact us with your query.


Registration Applications

Online Registration Application for Intern Psychologists and Trainee Psychologists

Online Registration Application for TTMRA

Application for Registration (NZ trained)

Application for Registration (Overseas trained)

NZ Police Vetting request form

Application for Intern/Trainee Upgrade

Application for Registration (Vocational Scope)

Application for Restoration to the Register Form

Return to Practice Application Form

Application for Certificate of Registration

Application for Letter of Good Standing

Application for a PC  – please use online process

Information sheets 

Scopes of practice and prescribed qualifications

Returning to Practice information

Decision Guidelines relating to Part 2 of the HPCA Act

Procedure and Principles for establishing a new scope of practice


Continuing Competence Programme (CCP)

CCP Guide for Participants

CCP Log Book Optional template 1 (bare minimum)(pdf)

CCP Log Book Optional template 2 (more than minimum)(pdf)

CCP Exemption Request Form

Guideline Documents

Core Competencies for Psychologists

Cultural Competencies – Under review

Cultural Safety

Tangata Whenua Recommended Reading List for Clinical Psychology

The Code of Ethics (Te Reo and English) – Under review

Best Practice Guideline – Supervision

Best Practice Guideline – Unprofessional Behaviour in the Workplace and its Management

Best Practice Guideline – What to do when you have Concerns about another Psychologist

Best Practice Guideline – Keeping Records of Psychological Services

Best Practice Guideline – The Practice of Telepsychology – Under review

Best Practice Guideline – The Use of Psychometric Tests

Best Practice Guideline – Maintaining Professionalism When Using Social Media Networking

Best Practice Guideline – Informed Consent

Best Practice Guideline – Coping with a client’s suicide

Best Practice Guideline – Working with sex, sexuality and gender diverse clients

Competence Review and Competence Programme Guidelines for Psychologists

Provisional Guidelines for Teleneuropsychology and remote psychometric testing via telehealth

Recommendations/Guidance for Teleneuropsychology in response to Covid-19


Raising a Concern form

Complaints Process Information Sheet

Family Court Complaint Process Information Sheet

PCC Information Sheet

PCC Guidelines for Practitioners

PCC Guidelines for Complainants

Decision Guidelines relating to Parts 3 & 4 of the HPCA Act


Standards and Procedures for Accreditation


Naming Policy

Fitness to Practise Policy

Risk of Harm


October 2021 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

Annual Report (most recent)

Updates & Publications


The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

Arms Act 1983 – Information for Health Practitioners

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Links to organisations whose work overlaps with that of the Psychologists Board

Responsible Authority Core Performance Standards Review – NZPB Report December 2021